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At Claus's house, Claus makes a smoothie schnitzel with fruit. Claus gets the message from Ian saying, "deer claus my name is ian & ur site sux! ther4 i get 2 merry ur wife && t8k her 4 sum free WIENER!!!! " Claus still likes his wife and refuses to have Ian marry his wife, so he tries to find Ian a match, but it proves to be impossible because Ian is so unattractive thing he looks like his grandmother, Volbin, getting her arsonstein. Anthony tries to hold back his laughter, but Ian says that she looked better online. / MY BATHROOM SECRET / If The Internet Was Real / I'M NOT RACIST!!! / HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER / Food Battle 2011 / The Internet For Dummies / THE DITTO - Movie Trailer / XTREME SLEEPOVER!

The groupon says that they need a date to eat two large free wieners. / SMOSH FOUND DEAD / REJECTED MARIO GAMES / 15 HOUR ENERGY!

Ian tries to refresh the website and still doesn't get any matches, adding that he's incompatible with women. / Attention: Facebook Users / POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!

Anthony tells Ian that he's being too picky and suggests that he widen his search to get more results.

A waiter asks the two for free wiener, but Anthony points out the groupon works if they have a date, which gives Ian an idea.

Ian and Anthony decide to put wigs on their dead clones and use them as their dates so they can get their hot dogs. / I'M A PIRATE (True Story 3) / POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!

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