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He managed to sober himself up & organize a van to take them away!!!I bought 50 to house my extensive ribbon collection & other bits n’ bobs. I found it at auction the week before I moved into The Society inc.

He had found them at a late hour in Paris after too many drinks when builders were tearing apart an old shoe makers’ shop.I like to play with scale & shape- it makes a fun corner. After moving from a 2000 sq ft loft in NYC to a small 2 room house in Sydney, I worked out I didn’t need a huge living space but I did need a walk-in wardrobe room. An vintage japanese indigo futon cushion sits on floral print quilt by Utility Canvas , New Paltz NYC.I converted (with the help of my setbuilder) the second small bedroom into a wardrobe made just for me! Nothing like a random hook to hang a lamp that looks like a felted fez!This fab flag Vivienne Westwood cushion was kindly given to me by The rug co .This is my very pokey kitchen but I love all the piled chopping boards & hanging utensils. My boyfriend & I recently were potographed for a fashion campaign.

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  1. At that time, they were operating with a 1977 forestry issued truck that was costing more money to maintain and keep running that wasn't readily available.