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In today’s society, with all the access to information we have on the internet, it can be extremely difficult to judge what information is accurate and what is not.The Teen Talk Team at San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF) has created this website to provide access to detailed and accurate information about sex, life and everything else that comes along with being a teen.

As a teenager, it can be difficult and rather awkward to approach your parents with questions about sex.

The advent of puberty, the power of peer-group expectations, and the communication of mixed messages about sex make dealing with sexuality a difficult but exciting challenge for adolescents. We encourage you to talk with a parent, guardian, doctor, teacher, older sister, older brother, or someone with knowledge that might help you to think your decision through.

We do understand that talking about sex may be uncomfortable for you.

It's all natural, and your reactions to these changes are under your control. Talk to your parents, other adults you trust, friends, or your doctor.

Make safe decisions about how you express your sexuality, and you will be fine.

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But some bad things can happen if you have unsafe sex or sex when you are not emotionally ready to handle the responsibility of having sex.

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