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They can target any area on their body with hair, but typically they pull out their eyebrows, eyelashes and scalp.Trich occurs more frequently in females, but one to two percent of the population suffers from it.

She visited one at the age of 14 in her hometown of Aurora, Ohio.

With the help of family support and her therapist, Alexandra found she was pulling out her hair less frequently.

These included using a stress ball and finding other ways to keep her hands busy.

She was diagnosed when she was 14 years old after visiting a child psychologist.

This is her performing in Serenade with her company Alexandra secretly pulled out her eyebrows and eyelashes for five years until she told her mother about her compulsive behavior. 'It hurt, but it felt good.'Her mother started to notice missing patches in her eyelashes and eyebrows, but Alexandra always had an excuse for why they were missing.

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