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The superbods inspired a viral buzz that catapulted traffic on the Gym Jones Web site from a million hits a month to more than 11 million.

Like its owner, the gym took on a mystical, slightly nightmarish quality: part martial-arts dojo, part smash lab, part medieval dungeon, all intended to facilitate the arduous process of mental and physical transformation.

Twight agreed to let me attend one of his two-day introductory seminars, provided I came prepared.

That meant I had to "pretrain," so he put me in touch with one of his handpicked disciples, Carolyn Parker, a 39-year-old mountain guide based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, not far from my home.

"We wanted to do stuff they wouldn't put up with," he says.

"The first time I went through one of those workouts, my legs swelled up like balloons.

I couldn't walk for a week," says Rob "Maximus" Mac Donald, a world-champion mixed-martial-arts fighter who now helps Twight run the gym. Did I have any idea what I was getting myself into?

Option A: the Fitness Supercenters, with their overcrowded cardio dens and cucumber-scented saunas.

And Option B: the Iron Grottoes, run by mulleted muscleheads in Metallica T-shirts.

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He contended that Cross Fit was all most athletes really needed, because it had the remarkable ability to develop strength and endurance simultaneously.

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