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Again, we recommend steering clear of catering halls.We can help you find the ideal Sweet 16 party location if you are having trouble.Today, what Sweet 16 girls want is to re-create a nightclub in an event space that rivals an actual NYC nightclub experience.This seems impossible to do since most Sweet 16 DJ companies are no more than a second job for most event DJ companies.We update our music every day to ensure we have not only the newest music but also the matching MTV music videos that go along with the music.If you are planning a Sweet 16 party on Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut – please call us to help out and provide our Sweet 16 party services that will make your Sweet 16 party the best. We are located in Massapequa Long Island and serve all of NY, NJ and CT Sweet 16 parties.

At one time, the Cotton Eye Joe and Cha Cha Slide were cool.

After the sun went down, we shifted our focus to bass over structure.

When you fish bass in structure, you need to keep your bait in the structure.

Since we bring all of the necessary lighting to create a nightclub for your Sweet 16 party, we like when a place is fully dark which allows us to be in control of the lighting in the room.

Many catering halls won’t let you turn off all the lights or even turn the lights off.

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