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La plupart de ces œuvres bien préservées représentent des rhinocéros, des éléphants, des autruches et des girafes, ainsi que des empreintes de pas d’hommes et d’animaux.

Le bien comprend également six abris sous roche décorés de représentations humaines peintes à l’ocre rouge.

The site is administered by the European Sign Language Centre and the project is an ongoing process. This has severely compromised the integrity of the rock engravings in this area.All the rock engravings and rock paintings within the core area are without doubt the authentic work of San hunter-gatherers who lived in the region long before the influx of Damara herders and European colonists.Source: Twyfelfontien is known for its rock engravings and paintings and associated Late Stone Age material culture dating between 60 years.The site has one of the known largest concentrations of engravings in Africa executed on flat and upright slabs.

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