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After surfing the Hearing Aid Forums I found out that digital hearing aids are adjustable by the user and that all this time, I could have been making all kinds of little adjustments.

By browsing the forums I’ve found information on low cost options, which brands of hearing aid are best, how to avoid scams and ripoffs, how to find a reputable audiologist and much more.

According to the Hearing Aid Forums, Health Innovations is a subsidiary of United Health Group, the provider of United Healthcare insurance plans, which provides AARP’s Medicare supplementary coverage.

If you’re insured by United Healthcare, these hearing aids will be covered and you will pay around 0 each.

Health Innovations uses local audiologists all over the country to dispense its hearing aids, which cost 9 to 9 retail without insurance coverage.

A senior member describes them: “Not many bells and whistles, I believe.

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This allowed me to gain information and test 2 demos in an office setting to get some idea of what a hearing aid can do for me.

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